Let me upgrade you! The idea to Re-brand Eco-Truffles came last year, shortly after our fifth birthday. Being an ever progressive all-natural and organic skin and hair care brand means that we endeavour to be a brand that you can consistently trust while we simultaneously keep up with skin and hair care trends – and always utilize the very best of highly beneficial natural ingredients for your hair straight down to your toes. This is NO EASY TASK! It involves daily in-depth research of the very best raw materials, the very best suppliers, the very best packaging, implementation of the very best customer service both online and in-store and much more!


As we dove into our sixth year of operation and progressed towards our seventh, it was increasingly important for us to continually upgrade towards perfection! While the creative joy of our re-branding process was PURE GOLD, we chose white and silver as the new colours of our package, along with our native Caribbean green. White represents the purity of our ingredients in making the very best products for you. Silver represents how precious and lustrous our love is for you, and the high reflectivity of this in every product made, service administered and interaction you have with us. Green represents growth, serenity and the lavishness of our Caribbean roots in everything we do. As such, we are happy to present to you, the top 10 ways you will benefit from us this year:-


Even Greater Quality products – with our already premium quality products, you may be wondering how we can top what we currently offer. We have delved even deeper into indigenous Caribbean and tropical ingredients and you’ll see even more traditional herbs, fruits, vegetables and botanicals being used in our products like Tulsi (Basil), Ginger Lily, Orchid, Grapefruit, Pumpkin, Cocoa – things that we love and are oh so good to us. Things that we have a deep connection growing up Caribbean. Things that are deeply nostalgic and stir sweet memories of our history. Things that are high in nutritional value, higher than we ever imagined as children climbing mango trees and eating freshly picked mangoes on the spot!


Curated Seasonal Soaps and Products – As with the seasons of our region comes an exciting variety of local fruits, vegetables and flowers – so also will there be limited edition seasonal products including soaps which will be made to celebrate the dawn of a new season. We encourage you to stock up on these while in stock and truly immerse yourself in the diversity that each season offers.


Items only available in BEST size – we know that sometimes it’s difficult to choose which size to purchase – a large Turmeric Butter and a small Almond oil or should I get a large oil as well? We’ve made it really simple for you, we’ve monitored the most popular sizes purchased over the years, the rate at which each product is used by customers, the recommended usage of each product – and we’re offering products in the best sizes to suit your needs.


Refills – Of course, if you’d like to have items refilled in the sizes of your choice, please bring your containers to any of our branches, and we will be happy to refill for you. You are welcome to collect it the following Friday.


Love it, State it, or we may Eliminate it – We continually rely on feedback from you our lovelies on all our products. From this, we gauge which items we keep or which items fade away into our past. Shout it out loud on the products you love, live and need in your daily life. Tell us in our Facebook reviews or reviews on our website so we know that you’re feeling it!


More Collaborations with Local Designers – we were created by a 24 year old, young and vibrant Trinbagonian lady 6 years ago. We love supporting local entrepreneurs and we love partnering with like-minded individuals. Fun fact: Our Soap dishes are made by a lovely local artisan who specializes in creating all things wooden! He has been one of our most consistent local suppliers to date and makes all the soap dishes by hand himself! We have partnered with local designers – JoVew by Makisa who made signature limited edition Eco-Truffles bags, Zaveza for limited edition earrings, and for our 6th Birthday we are partnering with the King’z Daughter who makes GORGEOUS clutches, turbans, and clothing! Sign up for the VIP list of our launch, whether you intend to purchase in-store or online – and reserve your FREE clutch purse today! Trust me they will be sold out before the end of our launch if you don’t reserve it! Some LUCKY lovelies will also be gifted FREE turbans on the day!


After-Purchase Assistance – we are creating a more interactive shopping experience for you and you will observe this over the next few months. You will be able to access guidelines to help you with your skin and hair care regimen and support your journey with Eco-Truffles – you don’t want to miss out on these!


Dynamic Updates – we will be developing a new Blog with AMAZING posts and a WONDERFUL Newsletter to keep you updated on all things Truffles – including exclusive sales, special edition offers, events, new products and much more!!! Be sure to sign up as a BONAFIDE Eco-Truffles VIP on our website www.ecotruffles.com to be first in the know of all things Truffles.


Workshops, Courses and Events – we love excitement and we know you do too. We love to learn and grow and develop, and we know you do too. We will be hosting a number of GREAT events to increase your knowledge on Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, and all topics to ensure that you are in optimum health and happiness daily! Look out for these on our Facebook pageNewsletter and Website!


Video Interaction – We are going to provide you with live updates, tutorials and guides through increased video interaction. We want you  to feel even more supported every step of the way with Eco-Truffles. Stay tuned!!!


Gosh! We do hope you are as excited as we are with all the ways we are working to improve the Eco-Truffles experience. This has been an exciting year – of long nights and full days and finally seeing everything come to fruition. We know that improving customer experience is continuous but we are excited to keep improving for you! Support us as we continue to support you on your natural health and beauty journey!

Come CELEBRATE with us on June 1st and 2nd, 2018 at our Re-branding Launch “New Dimensions”! RSVP here to be treated to our VIP shopping experience and reserve your LIMITED EDITION DESIGNER clutch purse! There will be bubbly stuff, artisan cupcakes and MORE!  

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Use this code: NEWDIMENSIONS from May 30th to June 3rd to shop ONLINE and beat the IN-STORE rush.