Eco-Spa Services

Facial Packages

  1. Mango Puree $400
  2. J’Overt (Clay) $350
  3. Pitch Lake $300
  4. Tropical Glow (Brightening) $400

Please note that all prices are in Trinidad & Tobago currency (TTD).

Bookings can be made via this page.

$400 TTD

Mango Puree

A delectable blend of fresh Julie Mango facial mask, to unclog the pores, soften the skin, protect against sun damage and reduce the formation of wrinkles.

$350 TTD

J'Ouvert (Clay)

Our detoxifying blend of clay to tighten the skin, remove pore build up, toxins and bacteria, for a lovely even-textured finish.

$300 TTD

Pitch Lake

A detoxifying mint and charcoal based facial you’re sure to love.

$400 TTD

Tropical Glow (Brightening)

This organic brightening facial is an absolute delight for your face. It includes organic Turmeric, Chocolate, Almonds, Coconut and Vitamin C for the ultimate transformation. It will brighten your complexion, remove dark marks and have your skin glowing in no time.